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Read When Cobras Laugh by Don Ranney and Ray Wiseman to find out. This is a story about two missionaries and their misadventures in India and Africa. It is not about saving souls but rather a true (well almost true) tale about racism, jealousy and deception. The facts have been "rendered" to enhance the drama and so it is a novel, not a history lesson. That means the bad guys are never identified, and names of places and people are changed to avoid harming any good people. The authors firmly believe they are among the good guys (though nobody's perfect and that includes the authors). The authors don't want to hurt anyone or get sued. So "the facts" are no more accurate than in many history books and newspapers. But what a story!

Imagine yourself dedicating your life to fight a worthy cause, and then when you get there you find the real situation is so far different than you imagined that you just want to go home. If you don't want the COBRA laughing at you, find out before you invest your life or your money in any project. That is the essential message of When Cobras Laugh. But apart from this it will give you a glimpse of foreign cultures that can make you laugh, cry, and even get angry.

And there is a sequel in the works, perhaps several.

So who is the Cobra?

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